How to install and use composer on windows 10

We all know there are various PHP frameworks/libraries available in the market but there was a need to manage them through one source and that is “Composer”. In this article, we will see What is a composer and How to install and use composer on windows 10.

Composer is a package manager which manages different framework/libraries aka packages of PHP. You can also read composer documentation on their official website

Lets cut to the chase and start with installation.

Download composer

The first step is to download the composer file visit here and you will see below screen, click onto the Composer Setup.exe.

install composer in windows
click on highlighted link

Open setup and go through next button

In the previous step, we downloaded the executable file with .exe Extention. Click on that file and wait for the setup wizard to pop up. Next, you have to click the next button until the installation is complete. That sounds pretty easy though.

Verify installation

Once the installation is finished on setup and you clicked on the finish button then Its time to verify the installation. To verify that installation is successful open terminal or cmd and type the following command.


Hit enter button and you will see something like this.

verify installation of composer on windows 10

How to use composer

Now we have finished with the installation and verification its time to see it practically how to use composer.

Create a directory by following command

mkdir myFolderName

go to created directory

cd myFolderName

use composer to install the package you want.

composer install packageName

That’s all about How to install and use composer on windows 10. Now you are good to go and use it for package management.

Hope this article has helped you, in case of any errors that occurred during this installation, leave comments.

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